Fireade 2000 - 22 oz Can or Case - Bonus Sweepstakes Entries

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Fireade 2000 - 22 oz can or case. Buy during checkout, print your receipt and bring it our merchandise booth for pickup at your designated event. Sorry No Shipping from this site. This product earns you 2 Entries for every Dollar spent into the ALL OUT Top Fuel Dragster Ride Along Sweepstakes (Ex. $25 =50 Entries) Sorry No Shipping from this site. For more merchandise styles that can be shipped please proceed to our merchandise site. Thank you. -

FireAde is a personal fire suppression system designed for easy application and extinguishment of fire using our signature FireAde firefighting foam. This product is perfect for your race car trailer, in car and camper. Fireade is an official contingency sponsor of ALL OUT Live. Win with a Fireade product in your vehicle and get your purchase money back! Don't take a chance at losing your investment, pickup a can or case. (Products must be purchased during this checkout to qualify and all products can only be picked up at Racers Tech during one of our events, Sorry No Shipping)

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